CNA Sat is a protestant North African TV Channel that broadcasts talk shows, films and documentaries in French, Berber and Arabic. The channel’s vision is to reconcile people of the North Africa with God and then transform them by the Gospel.
It aims to broadcast in the languages that are widely spoken in North Africa and its target audience is the population of over 80 million of Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania. In North Africa approximately 30 million people are Berber speaking so CNA is broadcasting its majority of the components in Berber Languages.
The channel works the mission to spread the Gospel and teach it to the North Africans. The channel commenced in 2000, and since then it has been establishing strong local churches in North Africa, aiming them to multiply. Broadcasting of the audio visual content is done by both Satellite and Internet, so that Gospel may spread and provide believers with progressive and solid biblical teachings for strengthening the new believers in their faith.
The leading faces and leaders of the channel are highly keen in getting spiritual trainings which they further pass over to their fellow believers.
For teaching in Arabic CNA has made a team called Ddk, the “D” means didaché in Greek that means teaching, the team Ddk has six dedicated members who keep on looking for helpers that may contribute because of their immense goals and mission.

BILD Partnership
The training method for CNA was developed by BILD International, with the collaboration BILD International CAN use BILD’s training system for translating , adapting to North African populations, editing and passing over teachings in North Africa. The training center is located in France and  ITEA helps in translating the material into French so that North African can read in French as well but it’s of very less use because of the influence of Arabization on younger generations.   Translations are first tested and then printed to make sure whether the trainings have been well established or not, Ddk practice the trainings itself.
The vision is great and its completion would require at least 10 years, the churches are developing their own ministries and fortifying themselves.